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We provides bespoke scaffolding access throughout East Anglia. We are here to meet all your scaffolding and safety system needs adhering to the highest levels of health and safety. Please get in touch, we will be more than happy to give you a quote and aim to beat any quotes you may get!


Trad Deck

TRAD Deck is an innovative, market-leading fall prevention work platform for traditional build, timber frame and construction projects. TRAD Deck is a working platform not a crash deck and has the same load capacity as a general-purpose scaffold. As internal fall protection, TRAD Deck is designed to ‘prevent the fall’ rather than ‘mitigate height and consequence’


Temporary Edgeguard Systems

Temporary Edgeguard Systems is a freestandin, counterweight temporary edgem protection system. TRAD Edgeguard Temporary is the perfect system to use during the maintenance or refurbishment of flat roofs. Fast and easy to install with a minimal amount of components and tools required. TRAD Edgeguard Temporary is suitable for all high level maintenance and re-roofing projects.


Safety Netting

Safety Netting Systems provide a collective form of fall arrest, in addition collective protection is preferred by the HSE. While the use of Personal Protective Equipment, such as an harness, lanyard and Line is acceptable. Duty holders must demonstrate through a risk assessment that other collective forms of protection cannot be used. Consequently Safety Net Systems are a faster, safer and more cost-effective solution to traditional methods of fall protection. Therefore your workforce will be more productive whilst maintaining complete safety.

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